Willow Floors is one of the leading flooring companies in Plano, Texas offering expert flooring products and installation services. We stand for quality and expertise in creating an atmosphere of elegance and beauty to suit your flooring needs, taste and budget.  Our knowledge of different kinds of wood flooring, tiles, natural stones and carpet can help you in creating a healthy environment, adding texture and warmth to any area.

At Willow Floors, we provide a full selection of durable yet cost-effective flooring solutions in Plano, Frisco, and surrounding areas in Texas. We rely on our vast knowledge and experience to install everything in a beautiful way the right way the first time, every time and we always stick to what we promise to our clients. Whether you are looking for decorative floors, creating decorative borders, patterned floors, or more, we have the expertise to install your residential as well as commercial floors with style and craftsmanship.

Exceptional residential flooring installation services in Plano TX


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      This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much for these tutorials!!!

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    That turned out really cool. I think I’ll have to try that one. Thanks

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