Your Insurance Experts

Accidents happen. Pipes burst. Water heaters give out. It can be frustrating and costly if any damage happens to flooring. A client reached out to us because a pipe burst while they were out of the country. With no one home to mitigate the flow of water, all of their solid wood flooring, carpet, drywall, and cabinets were damaged. Can you imagine coming home from a long trip only to have to stay in a hotel while your home is repaired? Luckily, our Sales Manager has extensive experience working with insurance adjusters and was able to advocate on behalf of our client and work hand in hand with the adjuster to bring the best outcome for the client.

Hardwood flooring damaged by water. Willow Floors is your insurance expert for flooring repairs.
When water settles on hardwood flooring, it warps and separates. Willow Floors can serve as your insurance experts to work with your home owner’s insurance on repairs.

Getting Whole Again

Willow Floors handles numerous insurance claims for flooring in a caring and thoughtful manner. We can connect our clients to top notch plumbers, painters, and electricians to ensure as quick and smooth of a remodel as possible. While we hope our clients never need us for this type of situation, we have the tools to help bring the home back to its previous condition or make it even better. Call on us for a free in-home estimate. Let us be your insurance experts to take some of the worry off your shoulders. We’re happy to help.

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