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Variety of carpet pads

Don’t Overlook the Underlay

Starting at the Bottom

Choosing the right carpet for the room is an important decision. There’s color, pattern, design and how plush it is. The chosen carpet needs to match the use of the room depending on traffic and the owner’s lifestyle, such as if there are any kids or fur babies in the house. But on top of all that, you need to think of what goes underneath! Willow Floors is here to make the whole process easy and seamless.

Benefits of Carpet Pad

Although you won’t see the carpet pad after installation, it is a vital piece of the overall picture. The right pad will help extend the life of your carpet by:
• Making it easier to clean the carpet. With padding, vacuums are better able to remove dirt by lifting the carpet a little as it goes across the floor.
• Keeping the underside of the carpet from rubbing against the bare floor, which is typically concrete in North Texas.
• Absorbing the impact from foot traffic and when moving furniture.
In addition to these benefits, the carpet pad creates a softer step, and provides more thermal insulation which makes the room feel warmer and cozier.

Popular Carpet Pad Choices

Willow Floors offers a variety of carpet pad options. Some of the most popular choices are:
• A half inch, 6 lb pad with a net. The net holds the pad together to prevent degradation over time. This is one of the most commonly used pads and is a great economical option.
• A half inch, 8 lb pad with antimicrobial moisture barrier. If you have a spill, the spill will not penetrate the carpet pad and leave a lingering odor.
• A half inch, 6 lb memory foam pad. This has a dual moisture barrier on top and bottom and feels like walking around on memory foam slippers.

Be sure to check with our Sales Manager at Willow Floors to find which pad works best for your needs, lifestyle, and budget. We’re happy to help!